PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon (left) and Lincrux CEO Lee Hopung (right) pose for a photo at an MoU signing ceremony

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it has made a strategic investment in Lincrux.

Lincrux is a kiosk solutions company with over 20,000 kiosks and 5 million monthly payment transactions. Its self-service kiosks are installed at various locations including Incheon International Airport, Hyundai Department Store, Samsung Welstory, Coffee Smith, and Burger King. The company recently expanded its operations to Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines.

Through the partnership, PUBLISH expects to develop a blockchain-based O2O (online-to-offline) payments solution allowing PUBLISHiD users and NEWS token holders more generally to spend NEWS tokens at various offline venues in Korea and abroad.

“We look forward to developing a blockchain-based payment solution with Lincrux,” said PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon. “We’re particularly interested in integrating PUBLISHlink, our cryptocurrency-based R2E (read-to-earn) API, with O2O payments.”

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon (left) and MarketLink CEO Kim Jongho (right) pose for a photo at an MoU signing ceremony

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with MarketLink.

The agreement will see the two companies work together on data-related initiatives, including in the areas of data quality improvement through blockchain technology.

Established in 2011, MarketLink specializes in online market research panels and big data solutions. Past clients include Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, and Korea Telecom.

Commenting on the agreement, MarketLink CEO Kim Jongho said, “MarketLink looks forward to drawing on PUBLISH’s blockchain expertise in improving data quality.”

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon added, “The MOU outlines a framework for future cooperation between PUBLISH and MarketLink, opening the door to new business opportunities centered around data quality innovation and improvement using blockchain technology.”